Our mission is to make acupuncture a no-brainer. Acupuncture is an incredibly safe and effective tool for many conditions and symptoms aggravated by stress. Our Walk-in Clinic offers an ultra-convenient way to be seen quickly and see fast results. Visits are just $25. No fine print. Our One on One clinic takes all major insurers and allows us to slow it down and get more in-depth as needed.


This year Mend formally joined with Seeds Wellness (opened by our founder Sarah OĆ­Leary, L.Ac. in 2007). Joining forces allows us to combine the ease and affordability of our walk-in community acupuncture clinic with some of the other really effective therapies from Chinese medicine (moxa, gua sha, cupping, herbs and nutrition). We can now accept insurance for One on One acupuncture services too, keeping Mend low-stress and easy on your budget.