For One on One (private) acupuncture please go to 2700 Remington Ave, Baltimore, 21211.


Our One on One Clinic is open 7 days a week by appointment only. Check availability here.


We welcome clients to visit us in our One on One clinic in Remington. The One on One clinic gives us a chance to slow down and work more closely. Upon the first visit you can expect to sit with your practitioner privately (usually over a cup of tea) to discuss your health history, your reasons for seeking acupuncture care, and your wellness goals. At this point a custom treatment plan will be designed for you.


One-on-one treatments are offered in a private room; the patient relaxes on a comfortable massage table during their session. Each treatment is unique. The acupuncturist may work on a variety of areas of the body based on the goals of treatment. In addition to acupuncture, treatment may include other therapies (including but not limited to moxa, cupping and gua sha as needed).


Patients often report that they leave already feeling differently than they did when they first came in.

Patients walk out the door treatment feeling relaxed and recharged. Over time patients are able to report what changes they have noticed (often the treatments provide subtle changes in areas that may not have been the reason for coming – these “side effects” [improved sleep, reduced stress levels, improved immunity] are a welcome surprise).

The effectiveness of your treatments will increase with frequency. Your initial treatments will only “hold” for 24-72 hours; your next visit will carry you a bit further. We cluster visits in the beginning (1-2 visit per week is common for the first few weeks of treatment) so you can begin to see results sooner.


Your initial session is generally 90 minutes and each visit thereafter is closer to an hour. After your initial consult your acupuncturist will recommend a custom course of treatments. Initial sessions are $115 and each visit thereafter is $75. If your insurance includes acupuncture care we’ll be happy to bill the insurer directly for the service fee. Co-pays range from $10-$30 after the deductible is met. Call your insurer to learn if you have acupuncture coverage or let us help. Use our Online Insurance Verification Tool to learn about your benefits. 

*Consider combining your private sessions with visits to one of our Community Clinics for last-minute care or to make treatment more budget friendly.


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