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Winter Wellness for Kids: A Balanced Family in Fifty Minutes!

Mend Acupuncture partners with Greenberries of Hampden

$12 per family  /  For parents and their kids!

Event Description:

Strengthen your child’s immunity, digestion, and elimination, all at once! Join pediatric acupuncturist Trina Lion (of Seeds Wellness) for a lively discussion on how to keep your family healthy this winter. (These strategies can also improve your child’s focus, skin, and bathroom trips.) Learn about the 5 Constitutions and how we use it as a guide in Pediatric Chinese Medicine. Get ready to breathe, stretch, and make mind-body connections at this family-friendly event.

Trina Lion, L.Ac. is a former K-8 literacy arts teacher who became an acupuncturist after wrist pain made toting art supplies difficult (hello, acupuncture!). After working for a decade as an acupuncturist in Shanghai, China, Trina is delighted to return to her hometown of Baltimore. Trina is now offering Pediatric Chinese Medicine at Mend Acupuncture in Hampden.

To hold your reservation, email us Space limited to 15.